Early Years and Foundation Stage

‘The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things.’

During the inception of King’s College India, the school was instrumental in resourcing a wide selection of Montessori equipment for the Nursery to engage children’s curiosity and exploration of a broad range of sensorial and fine motor activities as precursors to mark-making, scientific and mathematical thinking.

To further this excellent foundation, both the Reception classroom and the new Nursery Playroom are equipped with additional resources from both the Montessori tradition and from the wealth of hand-crafted games and toys of India. As far as is possible, King’s College India continues to source all our durable equipment from companies and collectives who adhere to a sustainable and environmental friendly ethos. Though there is some recourse to plastic-based equipment for Art and Water play, the majority of toys, games and resources are made from recyclable materials such as clay, wood, fabric and plant fibres in order to allow our children as wide a range of textured and sensorial play experience as possible.

There is also an emphasis on recycling, especially with regard to sculpture from packaging; and in using socially responsible Art materials (i.e. recycled and hand-made paper, beeswax, chalk and oil pastel and non-acrylic-based paints).

Our sensory play relies on natural and recyclable substances which do not pollute the environment (i.e. flour and water paste, playdough, salt dough, clay, tapioca, soap nuts, natural food colouring and pigments).

By creating a physical and mental consciousness about resources in our youngest students, we hope to instil in every child in our care a respect for and acknowledgement of the wider environment; and our impact upon it with a view to understanding the finite and infinite possibilities of our precious Earth.